Frozen fish better than fresh fish

Maybe you have ever wondered if the one where the tuna or cod in the delicatessen counter is fresh, or has previously been frozen? Yes, you may be one of those people who wonders how this fish can be transported all over the world to be fresh in your local store. We sort out how it works and what you should think about.

What is fresh fish?

Fersk fisk er fisk som ikke har vært frossen uten har blitt transportert til butikken i en ubrutt kjølekjede. Når det handler om fersk fisk, kan man skille på dagsfersk fisk eller fisk som er fersk men som er flere dager. Still gjerne spørsmål i butikken om den fisk som er fremlagt er fersk eller har vært frossen? Av og til er det skiltet om fersk tunfisk men hvor fersk er den om den har blitt transportert fra sin fangstsone 51 i Vestre Indiske havet.

How do you as a consumer know if the fish is fresh?

A large part of the fish we eat is fished up by larger boats that are out for a whole week. When the boat reaches land, the fish may already be a few days old. Then it will be for fish auctions and also transported to various places.

It is quite difficult to decide what is presented to you as a consumer when it comes to fresh fish and therefore you have to ask questions. How old is the fish? Is it fresh daily? Has the fish been frozen and so on.

The fish you see in the delicatessen counter can thus be several days old, where it lies on the ice. Immediately when caught, the decomposition process in the fish begins and it is slowed down when the fish is on ice and is cooled.

How to distinguish between fresh and old fish

Here we leave some tips to make a good choice when buying fish and determine if it is in good condition or if it has had a long trip to land.

  • Eyes: fresh fish have bright, clear eyes. An old fish has pale, milky eyes.
  • Gills: they should be dark red and shiny in fresh fish. If you see pale, grayish-yellow gills, the fish is old.
  • Skin: the skin should be shiny. They are usually rinsing the fish on the counter to make it look brighter and more appetizing.
  • Meat: the meat should be clear and glossy transparent. The opposite you will not see is dull and opaque flesh.
  • Smell: A fresh fish smells fresh from the sea but if the fish is old you get a sweet and slightly sour smell which is also unpleasant..

Frozen Glazed Fish Stores Nutrients

Glazing is something that is done before the fish is frozen and consists of a water film being sprayed on the product, which is then quickly frozen. In this way, the product is encapsulated by a protective film. The product is weighed before the glazing so that you only pay for the product and not the glazing. Feel free to read about different freezing techniques and our tips on how to best thaw fish.

Frozen fish is better than fresh fish

A frozen product is encapsulated and protected from external environments and bacteria until thawed for preparation. The product always has the nutrients and vitamins intact. With today's advanced freezing technology, product quality is preserved.

Frozen products have different advantages:
  • Easy to keep in the fridge and easy to get the amount you need
  • Finished pieces that are easy to portion
  • Even weight
  • Good quality
  • Great flexibility