We have 20 years of experience selling salmon and other products with thousands of satisfied customers in Scandinavia, now we are expanding our luxurious product to Spain. We have focused on high quality Norwegian salmon, as we have developed an aquaculture that combines sustainability, innovation and tradition, all this makes Norwegian salmon a special product all over the planet.

Norway is the second largest exporter of seafood in the world, due to the changes in currents and temperatures of its pure and deep waters that make up an ideal habitat for the growth of salmon, and for this to continue being so we must take care of it and respect it.

Our company is committed to bringing the tastiest salmon in the world to the Spanish table, all the years that we have worked in this sector we have learned a lot, attention, interest and dedication are the key to our company, offering a relationship direct, constant and personal. We will appreciate your purchase orders and will work hard to meet our customers' expectations.